I enjoy the trainings that Forever Living office in Nairobi offers every day of the week.  I doubt whether any marketer in any mainstream organization gets the amount of attention that distributors with Forever Living get.  But what I enjoy most is the testimonies I hear of what the products have done for people.  I want to share briefly 2 of those stories:

71 year old grandfather

When he heard about FLP from his wife the first time, he thought it was just something to keep her busy and did not need to bother with it.  Until she convinced him to attend one training with her.  At his advancing age his joints had already started aching and causing him pain when he moves but he did not think he would be able to do much about it apart from taking pain killers and taking it easy in his retirement.  Then the trainer talked about Forever Freedom Aloe Juice. After listening keenly about the benefits of this juice, he thought why not, he might as well try it.  Well, now he cannot stop talking about it 1 year after he heard about it.  He even joined his wife in distributing the products and instead of just sitting at home and contemplating his painful joints he is now talking to his friends about the benefits of Aloe Vera and his energy and vitality is his testimony.

2) Car Dealer

As we all know medical expenses are extremely high in Kenya and only those who can afford insurance get the right medical attention.  The car dealers wife was suffering and her doctor had suggested an operation for a medical condition brought about by extra weight.  As he came from the bank having withdrawn at least KShs 500,000 for the deposit for the operation, the car dealer met with a friend who happened to be an FLP distributor and in the course of their conversation, he told him what was going on with his wife.  The distributor convinced him to try the Clean 9 first as well a few other supplements for his wife before she underwent the operation.  By the 8th day of taking the Clean 9 and supplements, his wife was up on her feet and after the doctors review, she did not need the operation. The Forever Living Products cost him less than KShs 60,000. The car dealer subsequently sold his car dealership and joined Forever Living as a distributor to continue to not only using the products, but also to earn from the sales.  He proudly shared that after 17 years of marriage, they had been blessed with a baby (the wife had fibroids and she took the Aloe Berry Juice which helped reduce them) and now he has more time for his family than he ever did before.  His income has increased and he is not looking back.

These are just 2 stories that you will hear if you attend a training with FLP.  FLP not only helps you take control of your health, but also of your finances.  Contact me to become a distributor and to buy this products in Kenya for you and your loved ones and friends at the same time earning an income that will lead you to financial independence.

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